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October 2009

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The school tow suffered badly in the 1968 winter.

Recognise anyone?
Senior classroom

The school is somewhere under the snow to the left.


Cabramurra School was established by Pam de Majnik in 1954. Like Island Bend school, it grew quickly as the population swelled to cope with the construction, then shrank. By the time I arrived in Cabramurra in May 1968 it was a settled operations town. It was also almost completely buried under snow, and remained so for most of the winter. I think I used my car three times in three months at one stage: it was seldom worth the effort of digging it out.The school had two teachers (thankfully Bob Soper was in charge, not me) and had an excellent collection of reliable and enthusiastic students. The school's little rope tow was buried for most of the winter, like the school, so even the beginners had to use the precipice down the road (known as the Cabramurra Ski Club). They therefore learned to ski nearly as fast as they skiied. (Think about that awhile.)One rule observed by all the students and half the staff was never to use the school roof as a ski slope. I recall Lucio Pianelli entering the classroom on skis via a double glazed window one afternoon, but that was definitely an accident. Thanks to the photographic skills of Bill Hill and family, we also have a couple of shots of old Cabramurra in both winter and summer. Thank you, Bill and Christine, for making them available.

Ian Fenton has contributed some magnificent black & white photos. Most of them were taken by Lambert Wellington, who worked for his father as a technician in the communications section. Ian lived at Kings Cross in 1957.

Click on the thumbnails to see them full size.

A night of high winds and snow
transforms the radio tower into
something magic. Just don't stand
under it when the sun comes out!

The Cabramurra Cubs on a cross-country trip near Kiandra.
Baloo (Dave Jenkins) leads the way.


Cabramurra Public School, 1968

Shovelling out the doorway was sold to students as "ski fitness training".

K/1/2 classroom. Poor views in winter.

The teacher in charge shows the rest of the school what not to do.

Cabramurra's CBD
Remember those clouds?Australia's highest house, Kings Cross
Australia's highest house
Kings Cross, 1957